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I can be reached by email at:

(Please state in the “Subject Line” of your email that you inquiring about my art)


By Phone: 918-798-2170

Commissioned Art


Nothing beats communication about what you have in mind, but here are some general questions and answers.


How long does it take? 

Depending on the size & detail of the custom made piece of art, creating a metal piece could take anywhere from 48 Hours to… I don’t know… say 2 weeks.


How much is the cost of a custom piece of art?

Depends…. but you may be surprised. For example, a custom fire barrel individualized for a Christmas present was $175 dollars.  A 5 foot eye-catching martini glass, which sits in front of a business, was $2,000. Oh and how about the everlasting 8 foot metal tree with unique details for $1,500


Who designs the custom piece?

Share with me your ideas about what you want the metal art piece to signify to you or the recipient, or where the piece will be displayed.  I will provide some rough drawings of my ideas, and we will go from there.


Obtaining/ Buying Your Piece of Art

Please connect with me at the “Contact Information” above to inform me about your

decision. We can discuss options and make plans. I have found eCommerce to be to impersonal.

Thank you

Leanne Gross



Return policy:

I will refund the price of the piece minus all shipping expenses, both directions in the first two weeks of possession.



Credit Card


Money Order



Based on the size, weight & method


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Self- Delivery


United Parcel Service – UPS

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